a guide to bar soap and its benefits

a guide to bar soap and its benefits

Bar soaps can be one of the best soaps to use when cleansing your skin in the shower. Here are some tips to using bar soap and the benefits of them!

  1. Use a washcloth of loofah
    1. These are not only great for producing lather, but also helps to absorb it and retains it for additional use. It produces a nice sudsy lather that is able to properly cleanse your skin.
  2. Keep the bar soap dry
    1. Storing it properly is extremely important for keeping your soap clean and long-lasting. Don’t keep it exposed to water, and use a soap dish with a drain to prevent the bar from soaking in water.
  3. Keep it cool
    1. Hot water actually makes the soap bar dissolve more quickly and harder to produce lather. Using cool water keeps your soap bar longer while maintaining its shape and consistency!

As a whole, soap bars are great for the different skin types its suitable for. There are many kinds of bar soaps, all with different benefits with differing ingredients and production methods. This makes it easy to find soap that is best for your skin type. Additionally, bar soap is actually more eco-friendly than liquid soap! It prevents overuse and requires lesser packaging and energy to produce.


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